Tips For Selecting The Right Restaurant and Cafe Furniture

The three Amigos of Restaurant and Cafe furniture.


Cafe, restaurant, bolthole espresso outlet, bleeding edge bar or social meeting place – it doesn’t matter what kind of hospitality space you are creating or refurbishing, let these three deal breakers be your litmus test for selecting the right restaurant and cafe furniture.

One: Size Matters

How big or small is the space you’re working with? Do you want to maximise for capacity seating or create a generous arrangement? What’s the size of your budget? If your choices don’t fit these salient points, it doesn’t matter how much you love that chair/ottoman/table, it’s probably not going to achieve your objectives. The other important note regarding size is you never quite know how well your choices will look until they’re right there in front of you. That’s why we pack up a few well-chosen pieces and bring them round to your venue, just to be certain.

Two: The Overall Theme Of Things

What are we going for here? Contemporary minimalism, cube casual, subtle classics, fresh and vibrant, clean and simple lines or curved and eye catching? For restaurant and cafe furniture to suit the most eclectic schematics, comfy, welcoming, international designs and textured preferences, visit our online showroom.

Three: Set The Tone

While size and scheme should largely influence your choices, there’s still one must-have that allows you to get creative. Setting the tone of your establishment can cover the spectrum of possibilities from classic to contemporary, subtle to talking piece. Opt for classic standards or step away from the norm with relevancy and panache. You might want a splash of colour to announce your presence down a brick alleyway. Do you want your restaurant and cafe furniture to scream sophistication in an understated fashion? From sizzle to subtle, visit the online showroom for inspiration.

Size, scheme and setting, the three amigos of selecting restaurant and cafe furniture.

At Creative Furniture you can let your imagination run wild on the aesthetics, but what about the all-important budget? Creative Furniture prides itself on making and supplying high quality designer restaurant and cafe furniture at an affordable price.

Paul Barakin from Creative Furniture says “We place a great deal of importance on affordability because we know that opening or refurbishing a restaurant or cafe is an expensive project to undertake. We understand that but we also want our customers to enjoy the look and effect, the difference designer furniture makes, so we make sure that ours isn’t compromised by budget. That was the catalyst to creating the streamlined process of selection and service and delivery that drives our business model.”

We can’t end without mentioning the wide range of choices for restaurant and cafe furniture you’ll find here across a diverse number of categories. And remember, Creative Furniture will deliver to your door anywhere in Australia.

If you are looking for quality restaurant and cafe furniture for your project view our online showcase and contact us for a competitive proposal and quote.