What To Look For When Choosing Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Finding that ‘aha’ moment, where form and function combine.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of commercial Outdoor furniture you’re looking for – Cafe outdoor furniture, Restaurant outdoor furniture or even Hotel and resort outdoor furniture, you’ll find no shortage of choices in the market. But what you’re really looking for, says Paul Barakin of Creative Furniture, is that ‘aha’ moment, where form and function combine.

“Many of our customers have been through a long build or renovation or redesign. The hard work is done or nearing completion and it’s time to finesse the dressing. While we have a complete range of outdoor chairs, stools, tables, lounges and ottomans in our online showroom, there’s nothing quite like seeing a narrowed down selection in place.

That’s why we pack up a few chosen pieces and transport them to the customer’s business.

Once there, we can look at how the design works and if the colour shade blends. The size of your outdoor furniture is another important aspect. Is it allowing you to maximise the space without crowding it? Are the tables the right shape? You probably want your outdoor area to be flexible, so does the furniture enable the space to be reconfigured in different ways?

When all is said and done, you want to experience that ‘aha’ moment where everything fits and the furniture complements the space. It’s so rewarding for everyone.”

So how do you arrive at your ‘aha’ moment when choosing commercial Outdoor furniture?

Paul maintains that first it must be in the piece.

“You will never regret buying quality. It means your commercial Outdoor furniture will go the distance while looking the part and importantly, it sends a message to your customers that you want them to be comfortable and feel valued. The right outdoor furniture can do that.”

Affordability is next. Creative Furniture prides itself on making high quality designer commercial furniture available at an affordable price.

“It’s something that we place high on the list because our customers do. Anything to do with the commercial space usually comes with a tight budget. We didn’t want the quality of our outdoor furniture to be compromised by budget, so we streamlined the process.”

With the Creative Furniture online showroom well stocked with all categories of outdoor furniture, including cafe, restaurant, hotel and resort furniture, you will probably find more to choose from here than in most showrooms on the street.

The site itself is easy to use and if you’re confident with your choices, getting them from the site to the store is a simple process. Should you feel like consulting someone with experience in outdoor furniture applications and extracting some of the knowledge that comes with that, Paul and his team are more than willing to talk to you and will be happy to arrange samples for delivery.

“Our simple process has proven time and again to be the most effective and affordable way for us and our clients to access designer quality commercial outdoor furniture for the right price, and deliver it to the door of the business anywhere in Australia.”

It’s this creative approach to the wholesale of commercial Outdoor furniture that sets Creative Furniture apart.

If you are looking for quality commercial outdoor furniture for your project view our online showcase and contact us for a competitive proposal and quote.