Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure that you have all the helpful information and tips you need to make buying and caring for your new commercial furniture investment an easy and enjoyable experience. We have condensed over 27 years experience in the furniture industry into this valuable information to give you peace of mind & help you make the right decisions.

The internet is a very useful tool in helping you make the correct furniture purchases for your business; it allows you to see what is available and ask a lot of questions without any hassle or obligations from a showroom sales person. The modern age of digital showrooms has made it easier to save money & time by purchasing over the internet, all furniture in a showroom is on the internet somewhere and should be cheaper to purchase due to lower overheads of the digital showroom. It makes no sense to drive around for hours visiting showrooms that offer no more than what is available to you on the internet.

Q: How can I be sure that I will be buying quality, commercial furniture for my cafe or office? I don’t want to be stuck with poor quality?

A: The best way to make sure that you are buying quality furniture is to ask for their list of past clients and work portfolio of the company you’re dealing with. Ask for a testimonials list or look for the IDEAS GALLERY on the web page like we have which should list a vast selection of clients & on site pictures for you to appraise or even call. Ask them how long they have been in business supplying commercial furniture; the LONGER the BETTER is a sure bet they are GOOD! The internet provides a cost effective way to purchase commercial furniture without having to spend hours in traffic and showrooms, we have exactly the same furniture only cheaper.

Q: How can I be sure that the furniture I’m buying will be my BEST option for my circumstances?

A: Make sure that the company you’re dealing with has an EXSTENSIVE furniture range with plenty of descriptive information on each item such as FINISHES, COLOURS, and MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION & WARRANTY INFORMATION. Also check their IDEAS GALLERY WEB PAGE to look for ant ideas you can use in your cafe.

Q: I’m wanting OUTDOOR furniture, what should I look for to make my BEST CHOICE?

A: Most outdoor furniture should be of a good quality and UV STABLE, it should be stackable & easy to clean and pack away each night. Polypropylene chairs are best with Timber furniture requiring a LOT of Maintenance in outdoor areas. Stainless steel chairs & tables are good but still require maintenance on a regular basis and is the generally the most expensive furniture for outdoors. We recommend using SM FRANCE & WERZALIT brand resin tops in light to mid colour range as these don’t absorb heat like darker colours do and don’t show scratches and marks easily, which means they wear best. You can use light or dark chairs depending if they are out in the open or under cover to protect them.

Q: Should I buy Fabric or vinyl upholstery for my cafe or restaurant indoor furniture?

A: Modern Vinyls & fabrics made to a commercial standard are all going to do a great job it really depends on your interior design & colour scheme. We find that leather look vinyls are best on dining chairs and lounges where people will be eating & drinking heavily such as Hotels, Clubs, and Resorts as they wear best and are easy to clean. Fabrics look great if they play a part in the design aspect of your interior, but they do require more maintenance and don’t last or look as good as vinyls do in the long term.

Q: What should I be looking for in QUALITY commercial Cafe or office furniture?

A: Check that all METAL chairs are FULLY WELDED not screwed together at he joins as these will break easliy, UV STABLE polypropylene on outdoor chairs is a must to minimise FADING in the weather. Ask where the furniture is made, most is from China but the quality does vary a lot from & is not a firm guide to quality. European made furniture is best but also costs more to buy and usually lasts a LOT longer than cheaper Asian items. We recommend Resin or Compact laminate tops for outdoor use as these are proven to last the longest and look the best over many years of use.

General Cleaning Information

Aluminium, Chrome, Powdercoat & Stainless steel should all be regularly cleaned with KENCO BRIGHT SHINE COTTON WADDING which is available from most Auto parts retailers such as Super Cheap or Auto mart, then buffed of with a soft dry cloth. This should be done at least once every 2 months. NEVER USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. SOME STAINLESS STEEL POLISHES ARE GOOD BUT CAN BE EXSPENSIVE., MAJOR SCRATHES ARE REMOVED WITH A SCOTHBRITE PAD & WD40 SPRAY go with the grain of the stainless steel only.

Timber & Laminates can be best cleaned with warm soapy water and a damp cloth, not to much water and then dry off with a dry soft cloth. A WATER BASED SPRAY & WIPE CLEANER CAN ALSO BE USED SPARINGLY! NEVER USE A SILICONE SPAY CLEANR LIKE MR SHEEN OR FURNITURE POLISH.

Polypropylene & Resin chairs are best cleaned with warm soapy water and dried off with a soft clean cloth. We also recommend using AMORALL as a protectant on outdoor chairs. NEVER USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS LIKE JIF or GUMPTION!

Vinyls & Leathers are best cleaned with warm soapy water & dry soft cloth after, for hard to remove stains try a small amount of ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL to spot clean away. ALWAYS CHECK THE MANUFACTURERS LABEL BEFORE YOU USE ANY CHEMICAL CLEANERS! LEATHER CLEANING KITS ARE OK IF GOOD QUALITY.

Quick Reference Buying and Cleaning Guide


Timber & Laminates – Warm soapy water & dry cloth

Polypropylene – Warm soapy water & some amoral to protect

Vinyls – Warm soapy water & Isopropyl alcohol

Metal chairs are BEST WHEN WELDED FRAMES (No screws)

Resin or compact laminate tops for outside use in lighter colours (Werzlait, SM France)

Stainless steel or Aluminium bases for outdoor use (Chrome rusts near water)

Stacking & lightweight chairs for outdoor use

Armchairs are stronger than side chair without armrests

Darker colour vinyls are best on stools & Lounges & Bench seats as they hide marks.

Timber furniture requires maintenance oils and lacquers. All outdoor furniture will weather and deteriorate over time.